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The 2024 Rhode Island Health Information Survey aims to provide the state with a better understanding of Rhode Islanders’ health coverage and health insurance needs. Answers to the survey will help to guide state policy and programs related to health care.

The survey asks about healthcare coverage and needs in your household. Click the button below for a list of the survey questions in PDF form. You can review these before taking the survey to ensure you know the answers.

The person with the most knowledge about health insurance for all members of your household should be completing this survey.

Your household was randomly selected from households within Rhode Island that have at least one adult over the age of 18. Since we cannot survey the entire population of Rhode Island, we scientifically selected a sample for the survey. 

There is minimal risk to participating in the survey. Some individuals might feel uncomfortable answering specific questions. However, participants can skip any question they do not feel comfortable answering.

This survey is being conducted by HealthSource RI, the Rhode Island Health Exchange and their partners at Market Decisions Research.

Your answers will be combined with those from other respondents and will be used to help make Rhode Island a healthier place. Combined answers will help to guide state policy and programs related to health care.

Market Decisions Research, also known as MDR, is an independent public health research company located in Portland, Maine. The State of Rhode Island often uses independent contractors to assist with survey administration because they have content and methodology expertise that can improve a survey.

All answers to the survey are collected anonymously. Your information and responses are held in the strictest confidence and used only to conduct this survey. Identifying information will never be revealed in the results or distributed to another party for any reason. 

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